We have over 25 years experience designing and building dealerships in the UK, Europe and the United States. SDA has worked with some of the largest and most demanding retail clients and in collaboration with core market and luxury manufacturers including Ford, Audi, Land Rover and Jaguar on over 500 automotive projects.

We know how to make buildings work: financially for the investors who agree to build them, as a workplace for staff who run them and as a compelling retail environment for customers, owners and visitors. We also know the importance of brand and its consistent application in the built environment and how to create a facility that conforms to agreed standards and helps in the delivery of service excellence.

Our involvement in the automotive sector continues to be a broad spread of refurbishments, redevelopments, new builds, multi-franchise and multi-site projects. We have also worked on the implementation and application of retail design standards across all projects.




Designing for the current and future needs of students and educators presents a unique challenge. At SDA we are already engaged in the design and specification of the buildings that will support the future of education in Britain.

Building a new facility or significantly revising an existing school or college is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reshape the way students are taught and to significantly update the buildings and spaces in which they learn. We believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach: each site is different, each teaching style and student community unique in the way they learn and interact with their environment.

We engage with the strategic decision makers and school leadership but also actively listen to the needs of everyone who works and learns in the buildings. We create a complete picture of what is required before we start designing, not only what is needed now but what may be required in five or ten years’ time to support student numbers or teaching advances.




Our commercial clients have diverse needs and requirements. How they are going to use their site or new building is clearly the primary driver of any design solution. But our approach focuses on much more than the simple utility of the workplace. This is not just a working building that needs to pay its way, but a design that represents the client and their customers and staff.

With all our projects, agreeing the client brief is the start point and each client works closely with a Director from SDA who personally manages the entire project and creates an ongoing relationship that, for many clients, endures from one project to the next.

Our philosophy is simple: designed well and designed to work. All commercial properties are built to support their owners’ vision and business objectives. We keep this in mind at all times, from design concept to final handover.




Our team of architects and designers are fully versed in the delivery of contemporary and functional homes for all members of the community.

SDA are experienced in the delivery of residential projects of all types and sizes, from private houses to large multi-storey apartment blocks. This has included the conversion of a number of listed buildings into modern, spacious homes that combine the best of the old with the new.

We have members of our team who specialise in residential architecture and design, combining their years of experience with the clients’ vision to create a truly remarkable and personal space to call home.


Elder care


Designing buildings for the elder care sector is much more than bricks and mortar. It is our aim is to create a home for all its residents, taking into consideration their needs now and in the future.

We are committed to building environments that allow for flexibility, sustainability and integration with the community. We provide quality spaces that inspire, where ease of movement and legibility of the circulation encourage residents to make a home for life.

SDA have particular expertise in the conversion of listed buildings into vibrant, modern elder care developments. We find a balance between the building and its landscape to create a facility that is as non-institutionalised as possible – but still ensure that all the necessary care elements are in place.


Brand guardianship


Brand names and logos are some of the world’s most recognisable and universal symbols and businesses spend significant amounts of time and money building the brand that becomes embodied in their logo.

Identifying the most widely recognised brands becomes almost subliminal – customers can know a logo by shape, colour and even individual components and retail premises feel both reassuring and engaging when they have a consistent application of known themes linked to the brand. This consistent presentation is the key to developing a strong and resonant presentation of the brand.

SDA plays the important role of Brand Guardian for a number of clients and can bring that experience to both the planning and implementation of national and global brand development projects. This is more than policing the application of logos and brand names. SDA works with clients on the real-world requirements of both brand owners and retailers and develops both guidelines and individual site plans for the use of every aspect of branding.

There is a unique skill to developing designs and a sign-off processes that ensures consistency but includes sufficient flexibility and creativity to accommodate unusual site and planning requirements. From a one-off site refit to the development and rollout of an all-new identity, working with SDA and its experienced design team creates a resource that is focussed on the best outcome for every individual retailer and for the brand across every site.