Stolzle Flaconnage Ltd, Knottingley

Stolzle Flaconnage Ltd, Knottingley
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SDA were asked to design the construction of a corporate visitor’s centre for glassmaker, Stolzle-Flaconnage, at their site in West Yorkshire. The project also included undertaking a refurbishment of their mould shop on the same site and an extension to their production facility.

The aim was to create a facility that would reflect the high quality wares being produced on site; providing a visitors centre that reflected their credentials as a leading glassmaker from the moment a client arrives.

A significant challenge was to ensure that the new contemporary visitors centre integrated successfully with the traditional listed office building on site.

There were a number of challenges encountered throughout the duration of the project, including the strict budget and time constraints. The site also had to remain live so a flexible approach was taken to ensure that the work did not interfere with the day-to-day operations of the factory.

The visitor’s centre was designed as a flat roofed pavilion with minimalist detailing to achieve a timeless structure. Internally the space is bright and open, making use of glazed partitions and a monotone colour palette to create a modern and spacious environment for all users. The centre was inspired by classic designs of the past, with additional benefits of low maintenance and energy efficiency built in.

For the mould shop, it was important to retain as much of its existing structure as possible. Modifications included a new first floor slab along with new insulated roofing and cladding.

To make the entire site more welcoming, the high-walled surroundings were deconstructed and replaced with open grass areas. This effort has enhanced the overall drive down the road and ensures the site is better integrated with the surrounding residential properties.

The £2.5 million development went on to win a Yorkshire and Humber Construction Value Award.