Hughy the Library Bus

Hughy the Library Bus
1. Hughy External Image
2. Library Bus Section
3. Library Bus Ground Floor
4. Library Bus First Floor
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7. Library Bus Site Plan
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SDA Architects have been set the task of creating an exciting new community project based for a local school in Leeds. Due to a lack of space, Hugh Gaitskell school are looking to convert a 1984 Volvo Olympus Double Decker in to a multi-functioning Library space to help improve both pupils and parent’s literacy.

Inside the bus there is a story telling space, an audio play space, one on one study area and library with quiet spaces that pupils can sit in to read.  To add even more space, the outside area has also been utilised to create a teaching space, an area for pupils to put on plays or a space to talk and act out the books they are reading.  This area has a retractable canopy, so the space can still be used on rainy days.

The project is currently being prepared for Planning Permission.