SDA Architects bat woman to the rescue

SDA Architects bat woman to the rescue

Jacqueline Mo, Senior Architect at SDA Architects, has designed a new home for bats. It’s part of the plan for a new residential development in Abersoch, North Wales.

SDA Architects are the lead designers on the project, working closely with property developers Scott’s Developments to create 10 luxury homes and 3 apartments overlooking the river.

The project will involve demolishing the old Riverside Hotel, which is currently empty apart from the bats who have been living there.  Because bats are protected by UK law, part of the planning permission is to provide an opportunity for the bats to rehome.

Architect Jacqueline has designed both a summer and hibernation roost.  It is 2 x 5.5 meters wide and 4.5 meters tall. Inside the roost there are shelves for the bats to hang on and baffles to mitigate driving wind.

The hibernation roost is of masonry construction, which keeps the bats cosy and warm, whilst the summer roost is of timber frame and cladding.

Bats are protected because populations are declining, and they play an important role within the environment. They pollinate plants and eat hundreds of insects, making them good pest controllers.

Jacqueline said: “It is hoped that the bats will migrate over to their new home in Spring time. It’s an amazing little building for the bats. We hope that it will be used for years to come.”

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