Architecture Ambassador: Part 2 - SDA visits Kingswood Primary School

Architecture Ambassador: Part 2 - SDA visits Kingswood Primary School

SDA Architects are proud to be an Architecture Ambassador through the RIBA schools programme. The programme aims to inspire the next generation with an understanding and appreciation of architecture.

We are partnered with Kingswood Parks Primary School to work with the children to design a sculpture that represents the school within Hull City of Culture 2017.

The hope is that the project will end in a final developed idea realised in a true full-size installation that celebrates the school and the city they live in.

Aimee, Architectural Assistant at SDA, tell us about her role as an Architecture Ambassador:

During our second visit, we worked with the pupils to assist them in developing their initial concept ideas into models. We worked with the same two classes from the previous visit to help them model their ideas.

The classes faced the challenge of making a two-dimensional drawing 3D. We chose 6 designs per class that could be developed and modelled.

We asked the pupils to work in groups to build one of the chosen designs. We asked them to develop the designs and not necessarily stick to what was drawn on the paper. This exercise allowed the pupils to develop their team working, problem-solving and design skills.

This process also demonstrated the importance of a key part of the design process: testing the design.

We provided varied sizes of cut out people to ensure they continued to think about the scale of their designs when modelling. We also asked them to think about what materials would be used if this design was built to ensure they were constantly thinking about the design. I’m 27 healthy athletic male, I’ve had NO side effects. I’ve been on it for 2.5 years, it seemed take about 6 months to notice any difference. Generic Propecia is now available for Low Price through I don’t think I’ve gained much new hair, but its certainly stopped the losses. I’ve witnessed absolutely No LOSS of sexual appetite or libido. I’m still fired up. My theory is that some married men might use the “loss of sexual interest” potential side effect as an excuse not to have sex with their wives, most of whom have long since lost their attractiveness. Most middle aged couples stop caring what they look like, hence lack of sexual energy.

The pupils responded very creatively, coming up with many different ways to bring the designs to life. It was very rewarding to see them respond so positively and working together to create some fantastic models. They were able to overcome challenges they faced by developing the designs to work.

My visit to Kingswood Primary School have demonstrated to me the importance of design being included in Education. Using design in Education combines particular skills along with the ability to overcome problems and work in a collaborative team.

Design encourages pupils to consider problems and how they can overcome them, which can help them with everyday problem solving. Working in a team is key to many industries. Using design as a way of learning in the classroom gets the pupils thinking differently and encourages them to think about and understand the world visually.

It has been fantastic to see the pupils develop their design into models. We can’t wait to see the finished models and look forward to working with the school again!

Many thanks to Kingswood Parks Primary School for having us.

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