Work Experience placement

Work Experience placement

This last week we have had work experience student, Harry James, from Harrogate Grammar in the Studio to experience life within architectural practice.

Harry has just finished his penultimate year and will be applying to Universities next school year. During his time at SDA he was able to shadow architects and technicians, whilst also developing his own creative theoretical brief set to him by our Part 2 graduate Cath. This gave him an idea of projects undertaken at University. Having visited the site, Harry did a brilliant job of master-planning an interesting scheme, whilst also considering current developments taking place and important contextual constraints.
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We’ll let Harry explain for himself a little more about his experience at SDA.

What made you want to spend your work experience week at SDA?

I want to be an architect, and so would like to experience what it is like to work as one.

 What A levels are you doing, and how do you think they will help?

Maths – Creating dimensions, calculating costs, solving structural problems

Geography – Understanding of urban environments and how people feel about places

Product Design- Researching, developing and designing an idea from concept to final product

German- Working abroad

 Do you have a favorite style of architecture and/or building?

Neoclassism, Art Deco

 During the week, you have been working on a brief based at Tower Works in Leeds. What did you particularly enjoy about this experience?

It was a brief considering others, in part, so I had to design something for other people to enjoy, not just myself. It was also enjoyable to have to work inside a framework of pre-existing buildings and have to design around them.

 What have you learnt during your time at SDA?

How to think like an architect (what are the needs of client?), the process of researching and developing designs, how to use AutoCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop and InDesign and how to present work in a portfolio.

 What have you found particularly useful?

Learning how to use all of the different design and presentation programs and what to use them for.

Talking to different people to see all sides of the profession

Learning about the process in which a building is designed and developed

 Do you still wish to pursue a career in Architecture after your experience?

Yes, I found this week very interesting and enjoyable, so I am considering a career in architecture

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