Library Bus Opening

Library Bus Opening

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Recently SDA were invited to the Grand Opening of the Hugh Gaitskell Library Bus, and what a brilliant event it was. The whole school including all pupils, students and parents were out to celebrate the event on the beautiful, blue October day.Guest Speaker, Amir Khan provided an inspirational speech on the power reading, and the importance of listening to your teachers.

From initial Meetings between the school and SDA, to seeing the final result it was brilliant to see the bus and realise the impact it will have on the school and local community, which was always the schools key aim. The bus aimed to turn your head on the conventional definition of a school library, whilst creating a ‘warm, inviting and safe-environment’ for students to learn in.

SDA were able to help the school with the initial planning submission and helped secure donations from local suppliers and IKEA enabling the school to fit out the interior of the bus into a colorful environment for students to enjoy the joy of reading and story-telling.

We wish the school every success with their new resource and happy reading for years to come.

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