Architecture Ambassador: Part 1 - SDA visits Kingswood Primary School

Architecture Ambassador: Part 1 - SDA visits Kingswood Primary School

SDA Architects are proud to have been invited to become an Architecture Ambassador through the RIBA schools programme. The programme aims to inspire the next generations with an understanding and appreciation of architecture.

SDA are partnered with Kingswood Primary School in Hull to work with the children on a design project. We met with Helen and Katy (Head and Deputy Head) from the school and discussed their aspirations. We decided on a brief to design a sculpture that represented the school within Hull City of Culture 2017.

The hope is that the project will end in a final developed idea realised in a true full-size installation that celebrates the school and the city they live in.

Aimee, Architectural Assistant at SDA, tells us about her experience as Architecture Ambassador:

I was really excited to visit Kingswood Primary School to work with the children on the project. During our first visit, we introduced ourselves to the whole school during assembly and gave a presentation to help the children understand architecture and architects and to also give them some ideas about design and design considerations.

We facilitated two workshops – one with a year 4 class and the other with a year 5 class. In these workshops, we got the pupils lasix online kidney disease to think about their school as a space and a building and tell us what they liked and disliked about it. This got them thinking about how a space is used and can make you feel.

After a discussion about what makes a good and bad design, we tasked the pupils with designing an ‘object/sculpture’ that represented them in Hull on a sheet of A4 paper. After the initial drawing exercise, we started to get the pupils to think about materials, use and scale. Explaining that if they draw a person next to their design it gives a sense of how big their design is. We got a few pupils to stand up and present their ideas and it was fantastic to see how many pupils eager to present their ideas. Designs ranged from simple sculptures, to huge complex bridges.

This workshop really sparked their imagination and creativity and it was great to see all the different ideas that came out of this exercise, they all had different ideas depending on what they liked about Hull and how they saw Hull.  It was brilliant to see how much the children enjoyed designing and took pride in their design. We hope this has given the children a better appreciation for design.

I’ve really enjoyed interacting with the pupils who have a different perspective and I’m really looking forward to our next workshop with the school.  Next time, we will be getting the pupils to build their design by working in teams to build models, so they can think about materiality more and how these designs would actually work.

Many thanks to Kingswood Parks Primary School to having us, we can’t wait to be back!

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